I was born in a small country called Moldova, where we enjoyed all four seasons. I have loved medicine since childhood. Ever since I was a teenager, I knew this was the career I wanted to pursue in life.
In 1984, I acquired the diploma for General Nurse.
Then I started my career working in a pulmonology and gastroenterology hospital in the city of Cahul, after which I transferred to the Central Clinic in town where I worked for 17 years.

I have been in Ireland for almost eight years. I have worked in a Nursing Home as a Care Assistant which was a very good thing for me; I wanted to help elderly people because when we were children elderly people helped us.

‘Help the old ones as you would like to be helped’ was my ideology.

Throughout our lifetime, technology and medical development excel. As most people do, we desire to have a healthy life style that is as close as possible to natural ways.
My practice in the medical sector had led me to the conclusion that from the chemical and natural medicine, if we can combine small portions from each one of them, we can have phenomenal results in humans.
My goal is to get the best RESULT.
Diagnosing a small drop of live blood through a light field microscope and to get magnetic biofeedback, I convinced myself that correcting an individual’s alimentary program leads to excellent results.

At the moment, I focus on individual programs which are elaborated personally; therefore I can say proudly that the traditional medicine has very good results if we act out of our own initiatives with respect to health and physical activity.

Thank you for your attention, but before I finish, I would like to tell you that, only if we work together, we will have very high levels of success and a healthy standard of living.